Thursday, July 28, 2011

Shave Ice Cocktail

Ok. Who doesn't love shave ice? If you don't live in Hawaii, this is the equivalent to a snow cone only shavy-er. And if you don't live in Hawaii, where there's a shave ice place on every corner, well, then I don't know what to tell you.

But if you DO live here, did you know that you can order a shave ice with no syrup, just the ice for like 50 cents and then take it home and make your own shave ice cocktail?! I know, right!!??

Why oh why, haven't we thought of this before?

Well, in case you happen upon such an opportunity, here's a suggestion of what to do with your sad, naked, shave ice: Take it home and take your jug of ginger juice that you've recently purchased from costco, a shot of vodka, and maybe some simple syrup and a splash of orange or some such juice, shake well in a cocktail shaker and pour over your rapidly melting save ice and voila! An unvirginized shave ice cocktail for your summertime sipping pleasure!



  1. I LOVE IT!! Why don't you have your own restaurant or bar OR why aren't you a bartender or some such food and beverage stylist? I wish I was living there with you and your tribe!!!

  2. Thanks JoLynn! Not sure if I would want my OWN situation, but I've been trying to get another gig of some sort because, you know...mama's got bills to pay!!

  3. Woah, JoLynn, be careful what you ask for!!

  4. Thanks for the tip - just bought a HUGE shave ice machine and I can't let the kids have all the fun - bunco night it's comin' out!!