Monday, February 27, 2012

Picky Lunch

I've talked about my love of "picky dinners" right? Not to be confused with a dinner for picky people, no a picky dinner in my house is one that you casually pick at. There are no silverware involved. Everyone shares from the same platter of little piles of food. 

I suppose if I were in Spain this would be close to tapas. But, alas, I am at the Country House and so it is  called a picky dinner. Or in today's case "picky lunch".

The thing I have noticed about my picky lunches is that they are usually when I am by myself. I have gotten slightly better at cooking a meal for one, but the problem is, when I am working at home I usually get so wrapped up in whatever creative project that is at hand and the limited time that I have to work on it, that lunch usually happens as an after-thought and I'm so hungry by the time I actually get around to it that I really don't want to wait for something to actually be cooked. 

And therein lies the beauty of a picky lunch. In the time it takes to cut a few pieces of cheese, grab a handful of crackers, toss some tomatoes in olive oil & balsamic, and throw on a few chunks of last night's bbq chicken, lunch is served. 

As I make my way back down to my studio, and resume my spot at the computer, I can simply PICK. A tomato here, a cracker there. 

Ahhh... delighting in simple things. It's one of my favorite things....

What are your favorite items for picky food? Do tell..... 


  1. Lots of veggies, dips, olives (the good kine), fruits and fresh squeezed juices!!

  2. This is my favorite kind of lunch, too! I usually do small baguette slices, a hard cheese, olives or cornichons, a quality salami, or maybe sliced hard boiled egg. lots of tasty options!

  3. Yes, yes & yes!! I love to have this kind of stuff handy! Thanks for your comments and for stopping by!

  4. Bring it on! Smoked Oysters, beer, salami, crackers, grilled asparagus with balsamic vinegar, etc. etc.......

  5. your sister foodie foodenheimer? I love it! Lunch almost every day for me is a whole wheat tortilla, heated up on a cast iron Indian thing called a tawa, filled with whatever meat and veg I have left over. Today my "burrito" was grilled steak, roasted brussels sprouts, chopped tomato and sea salt.

    1. Melinda!!!! So nice to see you here again. Yes, Foodie Foodenheimer is none other than S! Although she has many aliases. Anyway I love you lunch options and as always, thanks for your comment!