Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A new word for your collection

A message from my kitchen chalkboard

I would like to introduce you to a word that I invented last year. When I tell you what it is, you're going to think it's something dirty. But it's not. And as with most things, I have over used it to the point where my children cringe when I way it. But I don't care. It's a perfect word in my eyes, and that's probably because of it's meaning.
It's a word that has evolved and become its own creature. 
Yes, that's the word, the word is dickwolfing.
And it's not what you think. 
What are you thinking? That would be funny to know. 

Before I define this wonderful word, I want to tell you a story. 

My brother from another mother is from Morocco. He has a pretty distinct accent and his use and knowledge of the English language always cracks me up. Sometimes he hears a word in English and he makes it more fun just by the way he says it. 

He and his wife used to watch Law and Order and sometimes at the end of an episode they would shout in exasperation at the T.V. "Dick Wolfe!!" as the credits rolled and named the producer; 
none other than Mr. Dick Wolf. 

Stay with me, It's all gonna make sense in a minute. 

This brother of mine is also my dear friend who gave me my cafe. 
There were times early on when we would be working together in the kitchen and he would just say it. "Dick Wolf!!!", in his thick accent, and it always made me laugh
Then there were other times when he would come through my back door and say his customary statement: "I'm hungry".  And would then begin eating and drinking anything in sight, and like a tornado, he would blow in, wolf down everything and then leave

I told him he was like a wolf
I started to call him Dick Wolf. 
Then it became a verb: dickwolfing

When the word dickwolfing makes it into the dictionary, it will have nothing to do with the producer, although I'm thankful for his wonderful name. It will look something like this:
/dik wulfing/
1. to voraciously put food and drink into one's mouth with great pleasure and enthusiasm.
2. to voraciously consume any thing, person, place, or experience with great pleasure and enthusiasm.

SO, as you can see. This word is awesome. But even better than the word itself, actually dickwolfing something is even more satisfying. And this is why I feel the need to share this word with the world. I would like to encourage you to unleash 
your own inner wolf. 

Here are some rules and suggestions for dickwolfing.
1. Definitely dickwolf food and beverages. Especially if there is booze involved. 
2. Do not worry about consequences of overindulgence or calories or reputation or any of that nonsense. This is dickwolfing we're talking about, not dieting or acting in a responsible manner. This is very important to remember.  There's a time to dickwolf and a time to be responsible. You decide.
3. Remember, you can dickwolf anything. You know that cute guy that you've been hanging out with as a friend but you know there's something more to it? DICKWOLF HIM. Do not be afraid.
You know that party you've been invited to and you know it might  be awkward and boring but you're committed to going? DICKWOLF THAT THING. Bring your fun friends, go in there, jack the music, get the conga line going, get people out of their chairs, dance, make some new friends and then leave. THAT is dickwolfing at it's finest
Dickwolfing means swimming after hours in a pool that's not yours, and getting yelled at and running. Dickwolfing is when you see a bridal party at a bar and you go over and make that party even better. Dickwolfing is when you look someone in the eye and say the thing you want to say even if it scares you. Even if it's brutally honest. Even if it's "I love you".
4. It's very possible to dickwolf something and savor it at the same time. So savor it. Savor every tasty, dangerous, gluttonous bit of it. 
5. Repeat steps 1-4 often. When you're with your people and when you're alone. When you're at home and when you're out exploring the world. 

Which brings me to the whole reason I wanted to share THIS word with you at THIS time.
It's time to dickwolf the world. It is for me anyway. 
Obviously you can see from the contents of this blog that I have been dickwolfing things long before I gave birth to the word
But this is my year. In a few months I will set out on some new adventures across this amazing planet of ours - (More details about that later).
And so, I consider all of this my training, and I will share many more adventures while I swig and grind my way through life. 
Look out world, you are about to be dickwolfed

Quote of the Day:

“I want God, I want poetry, I want real danger, I want freedom, I want goodness. I want sin.”
Aldous Huxley, Brave New World

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  1. I enjoy reading your posts, dear blogger, keep it up! I'll be right here, DICKWOLFING my giant mug o coffee this cold morning, looking forward to your next post!!