Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Coffee. Thank God for coffee!

Herein lies a cup of love. Liquid warmth & energy that is the fuel that wakes up the eyeballs & softens the hard edges of the morning. I don't mess around when it comes to coffee. It's gotta be real coffee, not that junk in a can. Although I do have a can of "emergency" coffee, because on those terrible, terrible mornings when you wake up & realize you forgot to get more freakin coffee, as if there's anything more important, emergency coffee is better than no coffee, if only by a small margin. I have a tiny little KRUPP'S espresso maker that I got for $30 bucks at Walmart. It makes one coffee at a time; thick, strong coffee and then it turns milk unto something, dare I Yeah, sexy. I need a sexy coffee first thing in the morning.

I'm almost always looking down the barrel of my favorite coffee cup, which is the sole survivor of a set of four. It's chipped & cracked & It's days are numbered, but unless it's been forgotten in the garden after yesterday's coffee ritual, or buried in a sink full of dishes, it's the only one that will do. It is my soul mate of a coffee cup. Freakish, I know.

It's not only about the coffee, the sexy foam or my favorite coffee cup, it's also about creating the blissfull, comfy, renewing atmosphere in the pocket of the day in which to suck it down. Sometimes I can stomach watching the morning news over my cup of Jo, but usually being bombarded by murder, scandal, natural disasters & human disasters before having my peaceful coffee moment makes me squirmy. Not to mention trying to savor my moment while Spongebob is blaring in the background, don't get me started.

When I first moved into my house, I didn't have cable TV. Sigh..... This meant coffee-time in bed, or in the quiet sunlight on the couch... But things have changed. Now, I have finally created my little haven outside in my garden. Since I have recently gotten back on the watering-the-garden-bandwagon, I have figured out that if I drag my coffee down to my haven, it forces me to water and then I can sit on the bench, kick my feet up on the table and have my peaceful moment. Then & only then can I face the day's scandal & natural disasters that I will undoubtedly encounter.


  1. Too good you! You take the most basic thing and make us realize how special they are.
    I'm off to get a cup of Joe!

  2. maddmaddyn@yahoo.comJuly 14, 2010 at 7:00 PM

    I remember my first cup of coffee with you at Denny's in Susanville. I was so not impressed then, but I love it / can't live without it now.

  3. Hi Guys! Funny how such a simple thing can connect us!
    Anonymous: That's what it's all about right? The most basic things in life can sometimes be what makes our day!

    maddmaddyn: You have the memory of an elephant! I wish I could whip you up a cup now!

    Swigs to you both!

  4. I also thank god for coffee every day! :)

  5. Coffee is certainly a daily domestic pleasure, and when you travel it becomes something else...a window into the local scene! Going out to get that morning and/or afternoon cup of coffee when you're away from home sort of plugs you in to your new surroundings, and it's amazing how many local variations and habits there are!

  6. MELINDA! You're back! I've missed your comments! Nice to hear from you again. And that's an interesting insight into the traveling coffee cup! That could be a whole story to write about right there! Hope you are well, I still haven't made that tea, but soon.....

  7. We recently made a trip to visit family in western Kansas and Denver...western Kansas was first, where my uncle has an honest to goodness farm. The coffee culture there almost killed me, because all the coffee was WEAK and also because you can't find it anywhere in the afternoon. By the time I hit Denver I was sleepy and grumpy, and I immediately brewed a double-strength pot in the hotel room coffee machine!