Thursday, July 1, 2010

Brasserie Du Vin

There are times when the sea calls me. Not with the need for me to be in it, but more so the need for it to be in me.
And when this call comes, it comes in the form of oysters.

I was one of the strange kids who would eat anything - except liver - especially if it would make my mom cringe. And oysters definitely make my mom cringe. But to me as a kid, it was almost like an adventure to eat something so ugly & slimy & strange. I didn't even taste it, really - I just went for it in the name of adventure.

But now, many years later, I have come to appreciate these mysterious creatures. The cool, taste of the sea makes them the perfect summer treat.

Which brings me to my point of introducing you, dear reader, to my favorite place to have dinner with a girlfriend, an early evening drink, a Saturday lunch or even a birthday bash. All of which I have had at
Brasserie Du Vin, in downtown Honolulu.

Du Vin is a brasserie & wine bar, which opened two doors down from my photography studio in 2006. My culinary prayers had been answered. Since then, owners Dave & Mari Stewart have become great friends of mine and the Mediterranean, rustic feel of this cafe has made it my favorite little spot.

Most of the food served at Du Vin is almost tapas style - small plates of salads, breads, cheeses, & olives meant to be shared. There is also a great selection of daily specials as the well as the regulars on the menu, my favorites by far being the mussels in garlic, butter & white wine & the pork chop, which never fails to knock my socks off, if you will.

And then there's the oysters...

New Zealand oysters are served on the half shell with a bit of cocktail sauce & lemon. Order up a glass of chilled Famega (the only white wine that you will find me talking about), and sit back and savor all that these strange little creatures have to offer.

The next time you are in the neighborhood, you must make a stop at Brasserie Du Vin, located 1115 Bethel street. Chances are you will find me there sipping a glass of wine, chatting with friends & hopefully full of oysters...

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  1. Yes, this place rocks! The food and ambiance are fabulous! Highly recommended.