Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Eat The Street

Two cool things happened this morning.  1). I discovered a great new website/blog called Street Grindz. Sounds like a site after my own heart, right? Right. This site is dedicated to all things street food, specifically food trucks. And 2). Upon making this discovery, I learned of the Eat The Street event coming up next Thursday evening.

Street Grindz features eleven different food trucks on their website. Everything from tacos, coffee, deli, jawaiian jerk, ice pops, mexican, soul food, and the one I am most excited to try: a gourmet grilled cheese sandwich truck. And here's the great news: they will all be in one place on Thursday, January 27th from 6-9 p.m. for Hawaii's first food truck rally!

It sounds so hip. So metropolitan. And yet we can enjoy it here, in 70 degree weather in January, in Hawaii! Does it get any better than this??!

I hope you can make it down to Kapiolani Blvd. next week. You know I'll be there, grazing my way from truck to truck. And of course I will do some serious show & tell afterward!

Cheers to Hawaii's food trucks!!

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