Monday, January 3, 2011

Shogunai Tacos

Matt Duffy and Kamal Jemmari
I am excited to introduce you to Honolulu's newest & coolest food truck, Shogunai Tacos. I was addicted to Food Network's show last season called, "The Great Food Truck Race". I love the idea of walking up & getting great food, for a great price, FAST. The thing about living in Hawaii, is this is not so easy to find. Until now...
The Shogunai Taco Truck
I love the guys at Shogunai Tacos & I love their concept of great, fresh food, that moves around to different neighborhoods. Oh yeah, and I love the lamb tacos!

Shogunai's menu rotates daily, and if you're expecting just your standard Mexican taco, think again. Their creations will take you from Greece to Morocco and many culinary stops along the way. 

Matt & Kamal combine Matt's world travels, love of food and talent for marketing and P.R. with Kamal's exotic Moroccan heritage and his many years spent as a chef in a Spanish restaurant, a Cuban restaurant, an Italian restaurant, and a pastry chef to create a menu that is as exotic & fresh as they are!  

Chef Kamal seasoning a batch of Moroccan Fries

Shogunai Tacos Moroccan Fries

When I asked what made the Fries "Moroccan", Kamal said, "I do!" 

Zues's Glory, Greek Taco $6 
I have been craving this one since I had it last week; Lamb Gyro, kalamata olives, feta cheese, and garlic tzatziki sauce. Oh yeah baby.

South of the Border, Mexican Taco $5
I have one very picky little girl, who declared this more traditional taco of ground beef, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and sour cream (hold the sour cream on Ms. Picky's though) to be the best taco she's ever had! Quite a review!!

Little Sicily, Italian Taco $6
 For my fellow pork enthusiasts, this is the one for you. Porchetta, a savory and moist roasted pork with garlic, dill, and rosemary, topped with sauteed peppers and onions. 
Baja Rally, Mexican Quesadilla $6
 There is also a Soul Food Korean Taco, Bollywood Indian Taco, Bangkok Thai Vegetarian Taco, and Mamas Couscous which are all on my list to try next time. 

To keep up with Shogunai's daily whereabouts, you can find them on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr & LinkedIn. Also check out their website:


  1. Another California trend hits Hawai'ian shores!

  2. I know, & I love it! Nice to hear from you Melinda! Sorry about the hiatus. Wishing you a swanky 2011!! As always, thanks for your comments!

  3. A Swanky 2011? That sounds just awesome! Nobody ever wished me one of those before :)

  4. Hi Fabulous Cooking Day! Thanks for dropping in, all the way from Italia!!

    And to Melinda: So glad I could be the first! Hope it's your SWANKIEST!