Saturday, November 14, 2009


So the whole "Sexy Food" conversation we've all been having (see the October post) started with a statement that pomegranates are a sexy food. And I, of course, would agree. But these guys also bring me straight back to my childhood.

I remember eating these whacky fruits when I was a kid, juice dripping down my arm, staining my shirt and giving my lips a strange, purple hue.

I loved the way the seeds were clumped together. I loved the way they almost pop in your mouth when you bite them. I even loved the strange game of dodging the crazy, bitter white parts.

I haven't bought them in years. Mainly because they usually require coughing up about half a months rent to purchase one. Imagine my delight, when perusing the produce isle at Safeway the other day, I saw them not only on sale, but buy-one-get-one-free! Even though the "one" that I had to buy to get my free one was still overpriced, I couldn't pass that up!

I looked up some recipes to see what exciting thing I could do with them, and did find a couple. However once I cut into the first one and began to pluck the ruby seeds out & into a bowl, I couldn't help myself from grabbing a spoon and eating the whole thing like it was a bowl of cereal.

So I declared that the other one would be reserved for adding to a simple green salad, like they do at my favorite sandwich place on occasion. I ended up with another bowl of seeds that this time I dutifully put into the fridge to reserve for said salad. But each time I opened the fridge, I grabbed a handful, until what is left is a sad little pile left in the bottom of a bowl, awaiting their mingling with leafy greens.

We'll see if the salad happens, but even if it doesn't, I am content to have been brought back to one of my many childhood food memories. AND, if you happen upon a sexy pomegranate and need an idea for what to do with it, toss it in a simple salad with a balsamic dressing and enjoy the crunch, the color and maybe even a blast from the past!


  1. Definitely sexy food! And great color for any salad or ice cream. Music is perfect to go with it too. Light and flirty.

  2. ohhh.. ice cream! I never thought of that! Thanks for your post miss Katie!

  3. There is a tree near my house that has Pomegranates just getting ready to drop off. The house is for sale so I am planning a late night raid. Just got to find a pair of night vision goggles.

  4. You know my motto: "Will Work For Food", right? Let me know if you need a hand. I am a good tree climber!!!

  5. I grew up in the Midwest, so didn't taste a pomegranate until we moved to California and I was in High School. It was such an exotic fruit for me and I continue to adore them, plus they are supposed to be really good for you!