Saturday, December 5, 2009

Asian Chicken Cabbage Rolls

I went to Little Village - a Chinese restaurant - a couple of weeks ago & my friend ordered the chicken lettuce wraps. Then a few days later I saw a recipe for something similar but wrapped in cabbage. So here is my version of something in between the two.

First, poach some chicken (1 thigh was enough for four wraps) in boiling water with a little ginger, green onion, celery, salt & pepper - and what ever else you feel like throwing in. When its done, allow to cool a bit and then remove from bone and chop into small chunks.

My cabbage was kind of flimsy, so I suggest getting something with a pretty sturdy leaf, otherwise you will have some structural challenges. Anyway, cut out the bottom of the tough center core form each leaf, then throw the leaves into the poaching liquid for about 1 minute, then into some ice water to stop the cooking. Remove from the water and dry off with a paper towel.

Make up a sauce with a little soy sauce, sesame oil, chili sauce, brown sugar, ginger, hoisen sauce and green onion. Mix the chicken with some sliced carrot, celery & cucumber and a bit of the sauce (don't make them too drippy). Spoon chicken mixture into cabbage leaves and roll like a burrito. And there you go. Have this with a cold Tsingtao or Kirin beer & you will have the perfect lunch!

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