Saturday, December 12, 2009

Stuffed Dates

Ok, one more in the picky food department. These were really good, although my disclaimer up front is that dates have kind of a weird texture, almost like a potato, which wasn't a big hit with the boy I was feeding. That said, I ate the whole plate with the exception of a couple that I chopped up and put into a warm pancetta & orange spinach salad. But that's another story. One more disclaimer, is that I originally saw this recipe with the dates wrapped in procuitto, which I think might be better, but I had the pancetta, so you know...

Alright, so mix a little goat cheese with some fresh basil. Then, slice the dates open and remove the pit. Fill the dates with the cheese and wrap in procuitto. If you use pancetta, you need to cook it, which is a bit tricky, but it does give the dates a nice camelization. Drizzle on a little sweet chili sauce and voila! Add this one to your next picky dinner, just don't be too picky about the texture!


  1. Looks good, but I don't think I could convince anyone in my household to try it...

  2. Swigs Lady:
    Your recipes are really swanky, but I will try 'em.
    Broke da Mouth.

  3. Swanky? Nah! It's simple stuff, just looks pretty! Try em' Keoni!

    And Maddgunn: Force feed them! Or better yet, make it for yourself and you won't have to share!!

    Cheers, H