Thursday, December 3, 2009

I'm Sorry !!!

I know!! I've been getting scolded right and left about my neglect of Swigs and Grinds over the last few weeks. I had such big plans for sharing with you my mom's amazing cranberry sauce recipe for Thanksgiving, I had some pretty killer leftover recipes to share, and even a couple of appetizers. But noooooooo. Life swooped me up and carried me along at a breakneck pace and I am just now catching my breath. So I'm sorry...

That said, it's feeding frenzy week in my house so buckle your seat belts people I'm back! I was running around like a crazy person yesterday, meeting with clients, running on a measly bowl of cereal from hours before. My last appointment landed me dangerously close to Whole Foods with a growling stomach. The warning sirens were blaring in my head but I was pulled by the gravitational pull of hunger toward the food mecca.

I entered cautiously, knowing at least enough to grab only a basket instead of a cart. An aside here, I live about 45 minutes away from Whole Foods, so it's a rare occasion that I get myself over there. I can't decide if that's a good thing or a bloody shame, because I would be there everyday and spend a million dollars a month on groceries. So needless to say, it was a special occasion. And I was famished.

I managed to have a little self control and tried to only get ingredients that I couldn't get elsewhere. The thing is, I ended up with such a crazy assortment of things in my basket that the guy in the check out had to ask what I was cooking tonight. I told him: "Actually I'm being cooked for tonight, this is just what happens when you come here hungry".

Here's what I had:
A fabulously crusty, perfect baguette
A hand full of Medjool dates. You can buy them in bulk!!
2 1/2 pounds of steel cut oats
A wedge each of Port Salute & Sini Fulvi Taleggi cheese
A bottle of horseradish
Bonnie Maman's blueberry preserves
A jar each of Garam Masala, Guatamalan Cardamon, and Spanish Saffron
A bag of fresh pizza dough
A bunch of organic spinach
And last but not least, a container of spicy beet, spinach & feta salad that's going to leave me fantasizing about it for days.

So what I ended up with was a bag full of Swigs and Grinds potential. Stay tuned, the feeding frenzy begins in a couple of hours.....


  1. Thank goodness you're back!! Everyday I am hopeful that there will be a new entry/entre' and voila! Today you are back with hopeful news that we may have something exciting in the works.......what will you come up with next?
    Anyway, hope you had a swell holiday and didn't eat as much as I did!
    Thanks for your blog and happy to have you back online!
    Swig&Grinds Fan

  2. Thanks! It's good to be back and glad I was missed! My Holiday was swell & I'm sure I ate MORE than you did!
    Happy reading & Eating!