Thursday, January 14, 2010

Creamy Rosemary Potato Soup with Bacon

I'm trying to give you all another winter fix here. My kids love potato soup. And they really love bacon. I made this the other day for lunch to rave reviews.

Chop up about half a package of bacon and throw it into a pot. Cook until crispy and then remove from pot, leave bacon grease in pot and add about a half a chopped onion and a clove or two of garlic and cook until soft. Add a few big, peeled & chopped potatoes and some chopped rosemary. Then add about 2 cups of chicken stock & 2 cups of water and simmer until potatoes are tender. Then add about a cup or two of milk or cream. Remove about 2 cups of soup and mush it in the blender for a bit, then add it back to the pot. Add the bacon back in and get ready to curl up with a bowl and some crusty bread!

Quote of the Day:
"When I was a young man, I had a mentor on women and he said when you meet a woman that you think you like, don't ask her for a drink. Take her out for a bowl of soup. Because a woman who can enjoy a bowl of soup is bound to be more interesting".
~Art Cooper

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  1. Sounds so good. I'm off to pick up some bacon, which I rarely have 'in stock', and make this yummy soup!
    Mahalo Sis,