Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Ball Buster

Finally! I am able to introduce you to my favorite, favorite wine. Chosen originally for it's name, of course. there's no way I could resist a wine called the Ball Buster!

Tait Wines makes the Ball Buster & since I discovered this Barossa Valley blend of shiraz, merlot & cabernet sauvignon, I have been forever ruined. What I mean is that I never used to know that wine could be thick and rich and smooth. I've rolled my eyes at the adjective "jammy" when describing wines... until the Ball Buster. I didn't know the feeling of taking a sip of wine and having to close my eyes and really feel how deep & delicious it is. My disclaimer here is that once you do, it's really hard to go back.

I have been jones-ing for the Ball Buster for months. I go into the wine shop hoping to see it on it's usual shelf, but nooooo... Apparently there was some drought in Australia which in turn, brought a drought to my supply of my favorite wine. But behold! Last night TWO bottles were presented to me in my kitchen! The drought is over!

We cracked open a bottle, and once again, I was ruined all over again... Give this one a try if you like big, rich wines. I promise, you will be ruined too.

Quote of the Day: We are all mortal until the first kiss and the second glass of wine."
Eduardo Galeano


  1. I will eagerly look for this wine (though my husband may wonder what I'm up to :) If you ever get a chance, try Gnarly Head Old Vines has a similarly deep, mouth-coating effect!

  2. HI Melinda! hahaha, you're husband will love it too! I have tried Gnarley Head & like it. Ball Buster is even bigger! Hope you find it!
    Cheers, H

  3. I may have to have some with Melinda when she comes to Maui! Meanwhile, I will be scouring the wine isles here before she gets here!

  4. Yum, Sandra, that sounds like a date :D I could definitely kill a bottle of big, delicious wine with you!

  5. Well Sandra & Melinda, I shall be looking for my invitation in the mail!!