Monday, January 25, 2010

Super Cook

How about those moments where you are standing in front of the fridge with that hopeless, forlorn, blank stare. Then you move to the pantry, & stand there trying to connect the food dots from the pantry to the fridge. What to do with horse radish, endive & blueberry jam, you ask? Well, I stumbled across this website last night, (thanks to that coffee I had in the afternoon, that kept me up till 2am!) and surprisingly, found the answer! Anyway, thought I would share it with you in hopes of rescuing us all from dispair.

The site is The thing I love about this site is that you type in ingredients that you already have in your kitchen and it gives you suggestions of what you can do with them. You can create a free account and then you can store recipes and your ingredient list. GENUIS!

I even tried to throw it off by entering whacked out ingredients, which was entertaining. I was very happy to see that when I entered "hot pockets" into my ingredients (which I DO NOT have in my kitchen, but let's just say I know someone who would & after watching Jim Gaffigan's stand up bit about them I thought it would be interesting..), so I'm happy to report that a box popped up saying they were "unfamiliar with that ingredient". Thank God!

SO anyway, I know this will come in very handy for avoiding those confrontations with fridge & pantry and it can even provide some late night entertainment!


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