Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dough Mishaps

So you know the saying, "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade", right? Well, I have been experiencing something similar with my multiple dough mishaps in my bread making mania. I suppose it would go something like, "When your dough doesn't rise and is a strange, heavy ball - make crackers, cinnamon breadsticks or an onion & gorgonzola flat bread."

I got a message from a dear friend & reader last night saying, "did you really make that bread?" And of course I said, "what? you think it was stunt bread?!" I nevah!! So before you all start thinking I have more super powers than I do, I shall confess, that my first attempt at foccacia ended up in the trash. My second attempt would have probably followed in it's footsteps, but my waste-not-want-not mother wouldn't allow it. So we came up with the improv above. And they were really good!

And while we're in the confessional here, I still have my favorite saucepan soaking on the stove due to a recent scorching... Of um, oatmeal. Yes, I burned oatmeal the other day. How do you even DO that? Well, I can.

So we're all on even ground here. If at first you burn down the kitchen, try, try again!!

But for the record, on the THIRD try with the same recipe, I finally produced a beautiful batch of foccacia!
Ahhh, happy endings...............


  1. Thanks for being so adamant, happy endings indeed. Oh, wasn't too sure about the change, but it's already growing on me.

  2. Look at you Arch, overcoming your comment-phobia! Bravo. I know, the new look is a bit more girly, but don't worry... you can still pull of being very manly while looking at it!!!