Sunday, February 21, 2010

Survey Says.....

Obviously, I love food. Eating, cooking, reading about food. But I also love to talk about food. I love how food connects us. I love that when people are sick or have just had a baby, people rally together and bring over meals. What else makes you feel so nurtured and taken care of? I love special occasions that call for "special" food. Fancy stuff, exotic food, pretty little piled up appetizer things. I love un-fancy comfort foods. I love date-night foods, kid food, restaurant food, ethnic food. Ok, you get it.

But I realize, that as much as food is the one thing that can connect us all, everyone has their own food life. What's comfort to one person, the next person may loathe. What's sexy food to one, may be repulsive to another. While some people cook three meals a day at home, some can't remember the last time they cooked.

I have recently become fascinated by interviewing different demographics of people to find out just what's going on in their respective food worlds. I have different lists of questions that I have used to interrogate: Children, Moms, Singles, Restraunteurs, Artists, Professionals, Mountain Bikers, Teachers, and even Random People on the Street. I must say that some of my assumptions were blown! I have also been really entertained to see other people's passion for the food they love. Or hate!

So, my plan here is to share some of these findings with you over the next weeks, but I also would love to hear your answers to the questions too!! Even if you don't belong to that particular demographic, just let us know which one you are. Leave a comment and give us your perspective!

I'll start you off with the Questionaire for kids, along with a few of the answers marked by their initials. This is one of my favorites because of how different kids and grown ups see food. When's the last time YOU thought of a food that was fun to eat because it's like a slinky? Do YOU still think of cooking as magic? Have you ever wished for more of Sponge Bob's Crabby Patties?! Here's a little of what they love, hate, and want more of...

1. What is the messiest thing you've ever eaten?

MG: A big sandwich
MR: Homemade spam musubi
MC: A really big burger
S: Spaghetti
A: Ice cream

2. What is the gross-est thing you've ever eaten?

MG: Fish
MR: Mushrooms
S: Carrots
A: Vegatables

3. Why don't kids like spicy food?

MG: Because it's just not their type
MR: because you get thirsty & have to pee
MC: I do!
S: Because they get after burn on their lips
A: Because it spices your tongue

4. What do you wish your mom would make more often?

MG: Spam Musubi
MR: Garlic Bread
MC: Burgers
S: Sushi
A: Crabby Patties

5. Do you like to cook? Why?

MG: Yeah, because it's kind of like magic & you get to eat
MR: I love to cook because you get to make whatever you want & do your own creations and it's fun to cut
MC: Yes because I like knowing that once I sit down, I know I made this
S: Yes, because you make your own food the way you want it
A: Yes, but I don't know how to cook anything

6. Tell me something that is fun to eat.

MG: Curly fries - it's like a slinky
MR: Jello - you can play with it
MC: Messy sandwiches
A: Taffy

7. What is your favorite thing to drink?

MG: Water or juice
MR: Juice
MC: Water or Soda
S: Root Beer
A: Strawberry milk

8. What is your favorite dessert?

MG: Banana split or vanilla ice cream with berries
MR: Ice cream
MC: Ice cream
S: Brownies
A: Milkshake

9. If you could eat one thing every day what would it be?

MG: Fruits & veggies
MR: Fruits
MC: Meat
S: Sushi
A: Chicken bones

10. What is your favorite vegetable?

MG: Carrots
MR: Cucumbers
MC: Cucumber

11. What is a food you hate?

MG: Mushrooms
MC: Anchovies
S: Carrots

SO there you have it, from the mouths of babes! Now let's hear from you!!!!!


  1. For me it is dal and rice or breads! A really beautiful home made dal with exactly the right balance of spices! I will never forget the first time I ate it and it tasted like coming home.
    I love that you have connected comfort food and nurturing. Did you see my post about the Comfort Food Poll I did? It is here Cheers!

  2. As the random guy on the street I would have to say, "I really don't like food thats messy, which is totally ironic because my favorite food, being taco's is usually very messy. There's so many things I love to combine in these little shells that inevitably they become five times large then even remotely practical and spill out all over everything. Next thing you know I'am eating the whole thing with a fork, and its a taco salad. Guess I need a really big corn tortilla."