Monday, February 22, 2010

Let's see how the mom's do it!

Ahh, the mom's. The nurturers. The one's who feed us, teach us how to eat, how to cook & how to live. So many of my associations to food are connected in some way to my mom. Or to my mom's mom. Or to someone else's mom. Even in these surveys, it's great how many people reference their mothers or grandmothers as their inspiration, or the best cooks they know. So I thought it would be interesting to see how things are for them versus the singles, or even the professionals I talked with. And for the record, a mom can be single, a professional, an artist etc... all in one, but for the sake of this survey I talked with women who's full time job is their families.

1. How many meals do you cook per day?
J: 1/day
K: 3 meals/2 snacks
R: 2/day
A: I don't cook, I reheat!

2. How many people are you responsible for feeding per day?
J: 4
K: 5-8
R: 4+
A: 4

3. What is your weekly grocery bill?
J: $100
K: $150-$200
R: $250
A: $ 150

4. How often do you eat out?
J: 2x/month
K: 1x/month
R: 2x/week
A: 3x/month

5. What is your signature dish?
J: Stew
K: Baked chicken legs with rice & corn
R: Lasagna
A: Salad

6. Can food be sexy? If so, which foods?
J: Yes. Crab
K: Sure, if it's not made by me! NOT meatballs. Food is sexy if it's presented colorfully & artistically
R: Yes! Sushi - it's fun & playful. Finger foods, strawberries
A: Yes. Drinks that sound sexy. To me, if it's edible, it's sexy

7. How often do you make dessert?
J: 1x/month
K: We do a couple of handfuls of Jelly Bellies or candy
R: 3x/year
A: I open a package every day

8. What's your best kid-friendly dish?
J: Teriyaki chicken
K: "Poor Man's Dish": ground turkey & cream soup over rice
R: Costco organic chicken nuggets
A: Salami

9. What would you order at a swanky restaurant?
J: Crab or steak & lobster
K: Ohh! Steak!
R: Antipasto
A: Salad

10. What's your favorite beverage?
J: Margarita or sugar free Rock Star
K: Mojito or Snoqualamie Riesling
R: Fruit of the Gods (Barossa Valley Reds)
A: Diet coke or sangria

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