Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Treasure I Stumbled Upon

So the other day, I met a client in Kailua & afterward I had a minute to grab something to eat before heading to a photo shoot. I ducked into a little hole in the wall called India Cafe - for some killer Indian food. Normally, this being a food blog & all, I would go on & on about how great the Lamb Masala was, and it was - but while I was waiting the 10 minutes it took for my naan bread to come out of the oven, I wandered into the bookstore next door.

Ahhh... I love food but I also love a bookstore. I like the big ones, with coffee to be sipped and big chairs to be sat in. But I LOVE the little, independently owned bookstore. As soon as I walked in I was in heaven. There were books everywhere. New books in the window, used books on the shelves, stacks of books on the floor, on benches, EVERYWHERE.

I perused the Literature section, and by the time I got to the cookbook section, my ten minutes was up. I contemplated bagging lunch altogether and hunkering down in the crowded isles of the bookstore, but finally duty - and hunger - called.

Even though it's on the other side of the Island from where I live, I decided it's worth it to make a trip over the mountain at least once a month to stroll through the piles at "Bookends". And if you happen to be in the neighborhood, it's definitely worth it for you to check them out at 600 Kailua Rd. But make sure you eat your Indian food first and save plenty of time to peruse. I think I could have stayed in there for days....

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