Saturday, May 22, 2010

Being Merry...

Ok, so this post has to do with neither Swigs nor Grinds, but it does have to do with Being Merry, which is just as important, right? For me, it is the smallest things in life that bring a smile to my face & a sense that there is beauty & joy in my world. Good food is one of them, a great glass of wine, being with the people I love, the laughter of my children, and flowers.

Whether it be a couple of floppy flowers in a vase, a withering bunch of fully bloomed peonies, or a single flower plucked from the yard, they bring a sense of life & beauty. I am a pretty fickle gardener, but when my roses muster up a flower, it is like an offering. The sight of it on my bedside table makes me smile. Even the tiny flowering clumps of parsley in a vase in my kitchen infuses me with something... real, calm, alive.

It doesn't take much. And every time I have a little blooming vase in my house, I remember that I really need to keep them around. Such a simple thing that can help in my mission of being merry.

Forget about that special occasion, or waiting for that special someone to have the spark of thoughtfulness to realize the real power of flowers; go out and treat yourself to a bundle of something beautiful to brighten your day and remind you of life and the little things that make your heart beat. And don't forget to stop and smell them.....


  1. You're such a romantic! It's true, flowers were actually made to attract insects for pollination, but I'm sure they were also made to feast our eyes and make us happy.

  2. Ah yes Poppy, I am a sucker for a pretty bloom! Thanks for your post!!