Saturday, May 8, 2010

Holy New Pastrami Invention!!!

We've been having a huge calzone addiction around here, and since I discovered Jamie Oliver's killer pizza dough recipe (See the January Pizza Dough post), I have been keeping a supply in the freezer.

So the other night, the calzone addiction crashed into the sandwich addiction and out came this Reuben calzone. We made it just like a Reuben sandwich, with the thousand island dressing, pastrami, cheese & sauerkraut. This made me realize how the calzone is really the Italian cousin of our beloved sandwich. The only thing different was the bread. And this dough is so killer, it blows nasty rye bread out of the water!

Of course, my mind has been racing with all the other sandwich-y possibilities to meld into a calzone. Let me know what YOU come up with!


  1. Sandwiched calzone? Or Calzone styled Sandwich? really doesn't matter that much as long it tastes heavenly and you enjoy it greatly!

  2. Exactly Angie! I did enjoy it greatly! Thanks for your post!!

  3. Sounds weird, but I'll give it a whirl.

  4. Carne: Weird is the new delish! You must give it a try. But don't stop at the Rueben, the possibilities are endless!!
    Cheers, H

  5. "Nasty rye?" Maybe you've never been to NYC and had good rye bread.
    Nothing nasty about it.