Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fan of the Year Award

I love that there are people who actually read these posts, leave their comments and consider themselves "fans or followers". It really is so much fun to see how we can keep in touch with people I know and even get to know people who are drawn to the feeding frenzies.

But one of these wonderful people has gone above and beyond. After reading a post where I was flipping my lid over some Indian spices that I "splurged on", she posted a comment asking if there was an Indian store near me - and of course there isn't. SO, what does she do but schlep some all the way from Delaware, deliver them to my sister who brought them over to me on Sunday! Tons of them! So here they are settled into their new home in my spice department.

Thank You SOOOOO much Melinda!!!!!


  1. What a great fan! What else do you not have access to? Let us serve you, dear blogger.

  2. Cheers to your fan! There is NOTHING better than fresh spices! Have fun using them all!