Monday, May 31, 2010

A perfect thing

I have this ongoing list that I keep. I call it my "List of Perfect Things". It's full of foods & smells & places & feelings & people. One of the things on my list is, "Watching kids eat something they love".

Mealtimes with my children are usually noisy & funny & crazy. I think it's because of them, of course. My son, who I call piglet due to his messy tendencies. My middle daughter who is the slowest eater in the universe. And my youngest who is anti-condiment of any sort - no mayo, ketchup, mustard, salad dressing, but who will clean a chicken or rib bone so well that you could use it as an artifact.
But I suppose I might add my own bit of craziness. I mean, I'm sure all the mothers out there photograph the food before eating it, or stalk those that I'm feeding like I'm the papparazzi. As you can see below, they love it, really.
But sometimes, I just can't help it. Seeing these guys together, each with their own little quirks, makes me smile. It makes me want to keep feeding them just to watch them enjoy it! It's what I do. Call me crazy....


  1. What a beautiful post!! You're kids are adorable too. Lucky them, a mom who cooks more than just microwaved meals!! Sounds like they will have your appreciation for food.

  2. Thank you very much for this post! What a great appreciation to have from your children and to capture it in a beautiful image.