Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Brussels Sprouts with Bacon & Onion

Here's a take on brussels sprouts that will convert even the staunchest hater of these darling little cabbages. I stole this idea from Michael Symon, chef at Lola restaurant. Not that I've been there, sadly. But I did see someone raving about these fried brussels sprouts on "The Best Thing I Ever Ate". You can find his recipe on the Food Network Website . I didn't think to look it up first so I made up my own, and let me tell you, after I made a sample batch, I had to put down my empty plate, call my sister, and give her a blow by blow of how much these things rocked. It was like a food porn 900 number. Her ear was all steamed up after I was finished. Just please, trust me on this. You HAVE to make these. Do it. I mean it. Really.

Here's what I did:
Quarter the brussels sprouts, and set aside. 

They really are cute, aren't they? 

Next, slice some red onions & chop up a few slices of raw bacon, throw them together in a pan & saute until browned & making your dog pace around the kitchen, salivating.

I am finally the proud owner of a morter & pestle, so I've been looking for reasons to use it as often as possible - and this vinaigrette is the perfect reason. Toss in a clove of garlic, the zest & juice of 1 lemon, some fresh parsley, a Tbs. of capers, a few slices of red onion & some olive oil, then smoosh around until it's kind of like a paste. Of course, if you don't have a morter & pestle (I've been scouring yard sales for years, until finally...) You can just chop everything up, throw it in a bowl, then add the lemon juice & oil.    

Heat about 2 inches of oil in a sturdy pot until it's really hot. 
An aside here.... not that YOU would do this, but in case you think it's a good idea to heat up this oil & then step out onto the front porch with a glass of wine & chat with neighbors until you see smoke pouring out of your house, only to run inside and see said sturdy pot in flames on your stove... let me tell you, it's a bad idea. However, if you ever should find yourself in such a situation, baking soda is the magic ingredient to put out the fire - remember that. Ehem, Not that I know from experience or anything, I'm just saying... 

SO, once the oil is hot, gently put in the brussels sprouts (they like to splatter a bit) and cook for just a couple of minutes until browned. Then remove them from the oil onto a paper towel to drain for a minute, then toss into a large bowl with the bacon & onion mixture & the vinaigrette and toss together. Now get ready... I hope you made a lot, because you won't want to stop eating them. Go ahead, see if you can convert the haters you know with this recipe & let me know how much you loved them!    



  1. Girrrl, I am SO gonna do this one! My family is already converted to brussels sprouts, b/c I roast the little darlings at 400 degrees with olive oil and sea salt, until the leaves that fall off get crispy like potato chips (and they never make it to the table!)

    Damn, I have to leave out the bacon though...my household is 50% vegetarian at the moment...5-spice preserved tofu maybe? lol

  2. Definitely on my to do list - and soon

  3. I just got my bag from Costco this morning, but forgot some bacon. Can I use some sausage cut small instead?? Might be a little different, but still.....
    Thanks for the inspiration, food gal!

  4. Hey all,

    I'm glad your game to give these a go. Oh, but sans the bacon??!! I don't think I can endorse that! But do what ya gotta do. Love you all for commenting! No go get your Brussels Sprouts on!

  5. A food porn 900 number. That's an interesting description. Suddenly everyone is running down to costco to get there big huge bag of brussels sprouts. The mad dash is on, people fighting over the last bag and abruptly there is a world wide shortage. The food network will never be the same. ;-}

  6. Archadola, I'm still laughing at your post! Quite the visual! Hope you get yours soon...