Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dragon Fruit & Rambutan - An Exotic Duo

I was walking through the open Market on Fort Street, in downtown Honolulu yesterday, happy to live in Hawaii on such a beautiful September day and was suddenly awestruck, the way only a girl who thinks about food non-stop can be. I was surrounded by the most exotic, beautiful, strange & even scary looking fruits and vegetables.

Many things I recognized, some I knew well, and many... well I had been meaning to set up a date with many of them, and I realized today was going to be that day.

So I mustered up my confidence, sauntered over to a plump, pink, intriguing fellow & asked, "What's your name"? Turns out his name was Dragon Fruit. Sexy, right? If this fruit had a job it would be a tattoo artist, that's how cool it is. Even though he's in the cactus family, he's smooth and sweet, almost like a kiwi got tangled up with a radish. Very interesting. Then he introduced me to a bunch of his friends, the  Rambutan's. Turns out I know their cousins, the Lychee's, so I knew we would be great friends. I coughed up $5.99 each for them (they're expensive dates), and the three of us walked off arm & arm, so to speak.

Mr. Dragon Fruit


We got to my place, I photographed them and then we got down to business. Seemed like an exotic fruit salad was in order.
I put these guys into a bowl with green grapes, orange segments, blueberries, raspberries, a little grated ginger, some fresh mint & a tiny bit of feta cheese, that's right, feta cheese. You should have seen them dance. It was a great party. You should have them over sometime....

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  1. Ahhhh Rambutan...discovered those on Kauai, sold by a little old lady beside the road on the way to Poipu, right off her tree apparently! Wonder what those dragon fruit taste like...

  2. Yesterday as I was leaving Mana Foods in Pa'ia, I saw a huge pile of them in the produce section and it stopped me. They were such beautiful specimens! Someone opened the EXIT door for me, thinking I needed help, but I was stuck gazing at these beautiful, exotic fruits. Unfortunately I didn't see them until my way out, or I would have gone home with one too!
    I've tried 'em before, but can't remember the taste. They sure are photogenic tho'. Got to get one of those plants. Wonder if they grow at our elevation?
    Your pics sure make it look tasty!