Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Happy Swigs-&-Grinds-A-Versary!

One year ago today, something came over me & like a sleepwalker, I stumbled over to the Blogger website & attempted to figure out what this whole blogging thing was all about anyway. 

About a year before that, my dear friend Christine said something like, "You really should write a blog, with all the craziness going on in your life." To that I responded, "What's a blog"? I'd never even read one. And besides, who would read it? After a divorce & all the drama that accompanied that stage of my life, I was pretty sure everyone was sick of hearing about my whacked out adventures in the marriage failure department as well as the struggle to survive department. I know I was.

But then, a thought hit me: I guess I could write a food blog!? I mean, my motto for years had been: Will Work For Food". What the heck. The more that thought rumbled around in my head, the more it solidified my belief that life happens around food. And drink, of course. That amidst all of the drama & madness, ups & downs, successes & failures, loves & break-ups of life, the thing that ties us all together is the pursuit to eat, drink & be merry. That these things nourish our bodies & our souls. That by taking a minute to appreciate the simplicity of a bowl of cherries, our favorite plates, a friend's recipe, 
we are connected. 

As with most anniversaries, when I realized a year had passed, there was that equal mixture of: "How could it be a year already" combined with: "It seems like it's been forever". Over the last year I have found a muse. A place to dump a little bit of creativity. A page to empty out the words & ramblings that  sputter around in my head. And I think most amazingly, I have found YOU here. Whether you are an old friend from the past, the boy I had a crush on forever in high school, my family, friends, clients, loves, or other foodies & bloggers from all over the world that I've never even met, we have become drinking buddies & eating buddies, & somehow Swigs & Grinds has connected us. 

I've also gained a reputation for having a drinking problem, (see the comment section on the Ginger Grape Cocktail post), finally learned how to make pasta for one, strangely my children now sometimes want to photograph their food before they eat it, I've interviewed people about food, I've received emails with family recipes from readers (I love that!), I've received products to test & review, I've gotten blisters from splattering oil, gained confidence in bread-making, gotten creative with cocktails & documented a little bit of my life.

So, I blew out the candle in that wedge of brie & made this wish for the next year: The continued ability to share in a meal & a toast with you, perhaps some paid writing gigs,
  and more comments from you all!

With much love, gratitude & a growling stomach, I send you all a big cheers!
Thanks for reading....       


  1. Bravo Marco!!
    We all love you and your ability to make us laugh, give us courage to try something new, and share your stories. Keep up the good work, dear Swigs Lady, and Cheers to a year of great blogging!!!
    Your Faithful Reader

  2. Happy Anniversary!!
    Love, love, LOVE your blog. Will read till you quit!
    A big Mahalo,

  3. Thanks guys! Much love backatchya!!!

  4. Congratulations on a wonderful year of posts!

  5. And here's to many more, and also a paid gig (to which we'll all subscribe so we can continue to read your lively, entertaining and heartfelt work!) And we have GOT to meet in person one day :)))

  6. Your blog is HALARIOUS happy anaversery I love you mom!

  7. I love your blog.I will try to read it every day and happy anniversary. Love you mom.

  8. Joy: Thanks so much, your comments are always a joy! I love that you're reading all the way from Australia!!
    Melinda: Thanks so much! It's been fun getting to know you through recipes & stories! Thanks for your emails & comments, I love it! & yes, we will have to meet one day. I'll bring the Ballbuster, you bring the Indian food!
    Makena & Malia: I love you guys! Thanks for being my fans! You are my world!