Monday, October 19, 2009

I'm Having Babies!!!

Ok, I, the plant killer am trying again. I am a self confessed Fickle Gardner. It's probably a metaphor for my life, I realize, but when the seeds sprout and the miracle of life rears its magical head, I get all starry eyed and hopeful. I remain enraptured while the plants are growing, and when I can pluck something from the ground and put it on my table later, I tell you, it's close to love.

But inevitably, something happens. I get distracted. Busy with other projects. Lazy, perhaps. The watering starts to ebb. Things get dry and the future looks bleak. This is when things really start to plummet. Days and days go by in total neglect and my crime moves from involuntary plant-slaughter to straight up murder. This is when only the toughest, drought friendly (to put it nicely) plants survive. I have to walk by the garden on my way to my studio every day and am faced with my transgressions.

Then the remorse sets in. What is wrong with me?! It takes a few measly minutes to water! It's so worth the challenge. I love to dig in the dirt, I love the whole magical process, I love to grow my own food. I live in Hawaii, for crying out loud! It's summer here all year long! How hard can it be???

And then I find myself staring down some seed packets and cowering before the familiar lady in the garden department of Home Depot who always asks how my projects are going. But I do it again, even in mid October, right before the crazy rush of the holidays and all that they bring. I dug up the back yard again the other day, planted my seeds and seven days later I have babies!!!

Beside the herbs and hot peppers that have survived, I planted an eggplant, some lettuce & tomato plants, and started seeds for cucumbers, carrots, radish, beets, zuchini, cantelope, spinach, peas, beans & yellow pepper. Not only am I taking the plunge again, but it's probably my most ambitious garden yet.

So I'm throwing it out there. I'll let you know the progress. If I kill them, please come and whack me with the hose.

Quote of the day:
"Everything comes to those who can wait."
~Francois Rabelais


  1. All a joy to read your blogs... you've got such a way with words and your camera... and soon your hose to keep those babies alive!! Sending hugs and love!

  2. Why thank you "anonymous"! So glad you enjoy and thank you for commenting!!!