Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sexy Food

Here is an ongoing conversation that I have with my food-loving sister. It started when, while eating a pomegranate, she declared to her boyfriend that they are a sexy food. He didn't understand & said, "How can a pomegranate be sexy"? And so our conversation started.

CAN food be sexy? And if so, what foods ARE sexy?

My contemplation began with, "Absolutely, food can be sexy!" I continued to ponder on my opinion that things you can eat without utensils have potential sexiness. Well, maybe not crackers. Doesn't even sound sexy. Or how about pickled pigs feet? Falls into my definite UNsexy category.

So I figured, if there are un-sexy foods like pigs feet, that must mean that there are equally sexy ones, right? My sister added figs, oysters, Italian ice cream & strawberries to the list. But I have to say, I had a bad oyster/strawberry experience once... they work individually, not so much together...

So I seconded her strawberry & raised her a raspberry. Especially when floating in a glass of champagne. And dare we forget plain old dark chocolate? And even the perfect espresso with it's dark, mysterious elixir-qualities and creamy foam. I would also have to say BBQ ribs. My vegetarian friends might disagree. Sounds carnivorous & barbaric perhaps, but what's sexier than licking fingers, I ask?

This conversation has been going on for the majority of 2009, and to the original list, I now add a few. Hands down, top contenders: lobster & muscles. Also oozy, melting cheese, risotto, lilikoi (also know as passion fruit, hello!) & chocolate cake. Just tonight I heard that pasta sauce can be sexy. Who knew? And the conversation continues...

So please join us! What do you think? Can food be sexy? How about un-sexy? Add your two cents worth in the comment section below & let me know what you can add to the list!


  1. How about Pistacios & apricots? There's lots more, I'm sure.

  2. Pigs foot not sexy? Ha ! First have to consider how you eat the things. Granted they can me nasty to look at and messy to eat. But Nasty and Messy sound like another activity? Also See or listen to Bessie Smith Gimme a “Pigfoot and a Bottle of Beer” Dina Ross too Talk about Sexy yikes

    Check all your razors and your guns
    We gonna be rasslin' when the wagon comes
    I wanna pigfoot and a bottle of beer

  3. Oh "Photoworkshop"!!!
    Well, I sincerely beg your pardon! To each his own, I suppose!! haha... See, this is exactly why it's great to post a comment people! We found someone who thinks pigs feet are sexy!!!

    You take the pigs foot, I'll take the bottle of beer, and all will be well!!


  4. Hmmmmmmmmmm ... I might be going the wrong way with this but "sexy" food implies two things; (1) the undeniable desire to eat something after a momentous engagement inflagrante and (2) putting something in your mouth other than a cigartte. So these are my humble suggestions all of which are to be consumed in bed as once a man is successful in negotiating a woman into his (or her) bed, a man's strategy becomes focused on keeping her there as long as possible. So these items are to be grabbed by him and brought to her whilst she lounges longingly, anixously awaiting her lover's speedy return: (1) ice cream! You MUST eat this right out of the paper carton and with one spoon so you (the guy) can feed little sexy scoops of cream into her recently kissed mouth and once you are both satiated with a beaucoup sugar rush, you can just drop the paper carton and spoon onto the floor and, pick up where you left off; (2) seedless grapes for all of the same reasons as #1; (3) a half loaf of french bread, some foie gras, a brie wedge, and champagne all of which is to be consumed in bed to demonstrate that you have a healthy and playful romantic component in addition to your sexiness. K. That's all of the "Secret Lives of Boudoir Ballet" I am willing to disclose at the moment. And now that I look back on this litle missive, have I missed the point of the question entirely? Gypsy

  5. With kids now out of the baby stage, I can start to entertain the thought of food being sexy again. For the past 8 yrs, it's been more messy and a chore. Looking forward to bringing sexy back! :) KT

  6. I love to eat apples, and I frequently walk around munching on one...I never thought of apples as sexy, but quite a few people (men) over the years have made appreciative comments! "I'd love to stay in bed all day eating apples with you," "I wish I was an apple" etc. Yikes - who woulda thought? I never get that reaction when I eat french fries!