Thursday, June 3, 2010

Splurging at Roy's

Ok, I know Roy's Restaurant needs no press, but when I eat something that rocks my world, I just have to do a little show & tell. Now, for me, a trip to Roy's is reserved for special occasions. Well, when one of my best friends comes back to town, and it happens to be her birthday, and I've managed to figure out a way for just the two of us to sneak out to dinner, I believe that qualifies.

Roy's Restaurant at Ko'olina is located right on the golf course. We sat outside, ordered a cocktail, some sushi, a salad, and the amazing chocolate souffle for dessert.
And then we had one of those meals where you take a bite, look at your friend and give a stuffed-mouth-eye-roll-head-nodding, "Oh yeah, baby!"

These sushi rolls were so amazing. The first was unagi & butterfish, crispy on the outside, sprinkled with tobiko and those sexy little sprouts. Not to mention the bath of beautiful mystery sauces that it sat in. I will be fantasizing about this one for a long time.

The ahi roll was great too. I loved the crispy onion things on top, and more sexy sprouts.... sigh....

But of course, the best part was being able to sit across the table from my dear friend and dish about life, men, kids, hopes, sadnesses, and laughter. That is what put this meal over the top.

And then the chocolate souffle came... and that was, well, the cherry on the cake of an amazing meal.

To good friends and a reason to sit down to a great dinner!


  1. Yes, I'll have what she's having!! My goodness, girl, enjoy.