Thursday, June 3, 2010

Apple, Brie & Fig Jam

Last week all of the people that I usually feed were gone. I found myself home alone & hungry at about 9 o'clock one night. I realized It's not as fun cooking for 1. After staring into the open fridge, I realized it would be a picky dinner. The funny thing was, picky dinners are pretty common in my house, even when my people are around - but as I poured a glass of wine and settled in, I realized that this is exactly what I would be doing even if it was a hot date picky dinner, but somehow, having it solo was just not the same.

However, I devised this combo and it seemed to make it all better. A slice of apple, some brie cheese and a bit of fig jam. Oh yeah... dinner for one is served!


  1. Are you still on that same jar o' fig jam your mom tried to give me? I forgot it at your house........I want some!!

  2. Great pictures, you're making me hungry!!!!!!!!

  3. Joy: It really is!
    Sister: Yes, thank you for forgetting it, I'm hooked!
    Ariel: Thank you!

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