Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Grilled Heart of Palm Salad

I realized today that an alternate name for this blog could be "Carbs & Booze". It's got a ring to it! But really, I do feed my people vegetables! So I thought I better prove it to you by showing you this fabulous salad that will accompany our chicken tacos tonight.

I got this huge piece of fresh heart of palm last week at the farmer's market. I have never dealt with it in this state, every time I have had it, it's come out of a can. I grilled an ear of corn for this salad, so afterward I threw some slices of the fresh heart of palm onto the grill pan. (It's cut into tri-angles in the salad, if you're trying to identify it). I sliced the rest into long sticks, boiled it with some salt and then added a little sugar & vinegar, put it in a jar and sealed it for later.
But for now, here's some foliage that will accompany my carbs & booze for dinner!

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