Thursday, September 24, 2009

Oh-Yeah Orzo

Am I the only one who's forgotten about orzo? Remember that sneaky little pasta that likes to impersonate rice? A couple of lifetimes ago when I was in art school, I worked at the Real Food Deli in San Francisco. We served up some pretty amazing stuff from huge platters and bowls in that deli counter. I quickly became addicted to this great orzo & feta salad.

Once I started to cook, this dish made a comeback with me. But then, like I often do, I overdosed on the recipe and haven't returned for years. Until one day while perusing the pasta isle, craving something new to do with the same old noodles, I saw it. "Oh yeah, Orzo!"

In Italian, 'Orzo' means barley, however it is made with good ol' semolina. So it is neither rice nor barley, twalk amongst ya' selves. Because it is such a tiny pasta, it seems best as a side dish or even used in soups.

Last night I made some killer chicken sandwiches and went with the old standby orzo recipe as the accompaniment. Boil up some orzo, then drain & allow to cool. I chopped some sundried tomatoes, cucumbers, and fresh herbs, then tossed in the cheese and some green peas and mixed it all together. And just like that, an old favorite made a comeback.

If you too have forgotten about this little pasta that could, you really should go for it again!

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