Sunday, September 13, 2009

Second Chances

What would we do without second chances? For all of the times I screw things up, and even for those times when I extend another chance, it's pretty sweet to get to try again. And even sweeter when things work. Of course this is a metaphor for much of my life, but right now I'm talking about eggplant.

I've tried eggplant many times, but it always seemed like a big band aid in some kind of sauce. I didn't get it. But something happened. I gave it another try while working on the Cuban Cookbook. It wasn't bad. Then I tried some of Auntie Pasto's Eggplant Parmesan. It was good, but it was the sauce that was killer, it was covered in cheese, and the company was great. It wasn't until recently, during my goat cheese and sundried tomato attack, that I really got it. I saw a recipe for some kind of eggplant roll with green beans in the middle, except it was supposed to be served over some bitter lettuce concoction with the goat cheese as the dressing. So I switched it up a bit. And I decided to give it another chance. Here's what you do.

First of all, if you think you hate eggplant, give it another chance.

Second take one of those fat eggplants, not the skinny ones, and slice it into thin strips, lengthwise. Pour a little olive oil on both sides & season with salt & pepper. Then grill on a grill pan or outside, but grilling is key to get that smokey taste. I use a grill pan that smokes up the whole house - it works wonders.

Then put, I don't know - maybe 1/3 C. goat cheese, a handful of chopped sundried tomatoes, and some chopped basil in a bowl & combine.

Throw a big handful of fresh green beans into some boiling water and cook for about 2-3 mins. Let cool slightly.

Then, spread a little of the cheese mixture (like a small teaspoon - too much is a little overkill) on the eggplant. Then put the green beans across and roll up. And there you go.

I made it again in the same week and they were even really good cold, straight out of the fridge for breakfast. And maybe better even than how they tasted was the affirmation that it's always good to try again. To forgive, to put yourself out there again and take a risk.

Quote of the day: "There is no love sincerer than the love of food."
~George Bernard Shaw

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