Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Will Work For Food

Welcome to the wonderful world which comes from my motto: "Will Work For Food". Right now, it's me talking to myself. Welcoming myself to this unchartered territory of the blog. Here's the deal with me; I am a photographer by trade. Children mostly, but also grown people, some photojournalistic stuff, and of course FOOD. I'm not sure why I am starting a blog, other than I love to eat, I like to write, and I need an outlet. Plus, I seem to get myself into situations that my friends seem to think will entertain the masses. I'm not so sure about that.

So what's up with "Swigs and Grinds"? Well, I'm glad you asked. I had a slightly trashier name in mind, but given my day-job, I figured I better keep it clean. And it wasn't available. Then I contemplated "Foodie-Foodenheimer", which was available, but I figured you wouldn't get it. This is a strange thing I do with many words, I think it came from the catchy sound of Marty Shotenheimer, so I turn everything into something that sounds the same. ie: Sassy Sassenheimer, Baldy Baldenheimer, Creepy Creepenheimer etc... But I digress. I live in Hawaii where "Grinds" are something to eat. As in, "Let's go get some grinds." And "Swigs", well, it just seemed to go together, and me, being Native American & Irish, lets just say I like my Swigs.

So there you have it. We'll talk food, drink, life, adventures... Join me?
Foodie Foodenheimer (a.k.a. H)


  1. The best part of this blog is I can actually hear and see you saying all this and it makes me smile. I feel bad for those that read it and don't know you and your expressive face and hands flying everywhere in gestures. But I still think they will get it and enjoy it. Well done I think Chef Ramsey would approve. (Spot on!)