Thursday, September 10, 2009

What's in a Name?

Ok, over the years I have become a lover of wine. Red, in particular. Over recent years I have figured out a little bit about the basic difference in grapes and regions, and I've honed in on my favorites of those; big, giant cabernets and zins. I've stumbled across many of my favorites because I am a sucker for a good label. The guys in the wine shop laugh at me, because if it's a choice between two bottles, I always go for the one with the best label.

Take "Bitch", for example. I mean COME ON. How can you not?! I think this is a great gift for a good-humored girlfriend, even though it's not my favorite wine to drink. My empty bottle still sits in my wine rack. It just seems too funny to throw away.

Anyway, next to water & coffee, (and not necessarily in that order) wine is for sure my favorite beverage. So stay tuned for my two cents worth in the wine department. I will share with you my faves, and you will definitely see a common thread in the charm of the names.

I aspire to one day be able to peruse my own wine cellar, collection, or at the very least rack, and be able to say, "What shall we open tonight?". But for now I can never seem to have more than two bottles at a time in the house. So we'll take it one bottle at a time in the search for new discoveries and old favorites.

If you've come across some fabulous, big, luscious red lately, let me know!
Until then,

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